Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now Updating Once a Year

With work and recently moving and everything I've been neglecting parts of the Internet which were not webcomics or The Daily Show/Colbert Report (which I must watch on the Internets as I'm now too old to stay up for them). So Square Foot 2009 has come around and here I am with a new post when the last one is Square Foot 2008, ah well. I've just ordered a new scanner and I'll have far few excuses (the main one being, "my scanner is too old and doesn't work with my mac..) At any rate, due to a poorly timed White Water Rafting vacation I was only able to complete one piece for Square Foot this year. I'm not as happy with it as I would like, but I've promised myself to work harder next year. Rafting was really fun though... Square Foot is on until Sept. 6, go see it! I actually have yet to go myself... This weekend for sure! I have updated my website more recently then my blog though, so check that out too.
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