Sunday, December 24, 2006

Life Drawings & Happy Holidays

Just some life drawings from last year today. As I've said the other day, I love ink, especially on Mylar or Yupo paper. Thanks Richard for showing me that Yupo paper, it's great! No Yupo paper drawings up today however, I still have to to take pictures. These go as follows:
Reclining figure: (actually from first year I just always liked this one) sanguine conte and ink on newsprint
Seated figure: watercolour and gouache on coloured paper, normally I don't use a lot of watercolours, but I really liked the results of using it opaquely and combining it with gouache.
Domestic Princess: mixed media on mylar (mostly inks/watercolours)
Raincoat: inks and watercolours on mylar
The Cake: ink, conte, acrylic on mylar
Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 22, 2006


Today some small sketches from my sketchbook of friends from 2005-2006. I really like using ink in life drawing and in these sketches I was trying to limit my normally very colourful pallet. I prefer portraiture over drawing large groups and crowds. I find it more interesting to focus on the individual and try to bring out their personality and also on the atmosphere of their surroundings. I like to focus on the effects of lighting to create mood aswell. I also enjoy trying to capture a likeness. To this extent I often ignore what would be considered proper proportions in order to be more true to the subjects and their personaltities.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Still Lifes... Still Lives?

I'm in Sarnia now for the Christmas break and working with a monitor that hurts my eyes. Hopefully there's a new wide screen monitor under that tree for me... 21" flat panel... drool..., but I digress. Just another quick post of older work today (this will continue until I get it all up, making up for lost time you see.) New work in the year, I promise. For now three still lifes in acrylics on Masonite. All from painting class last year, 2005-2006. The last one's really an interior, but it doesn't move so it can be a still life too.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting to know me

As I work towards getting a website up and running, I was repeated urged by friends to get a blog going. I didn't go for the idea right away. I don't like that word: blog. It doesn't have a very nice ring to it like some words: echelon, kerfuffle and flabbergasted. But eventually I was convinced and here I am. I will gradually be posting newer stuff and I hope having a blog will encourage and motivate me to actually DO things. However, for starters here's some older work, all self-portraits from 2005-2006. I see it as a good first post to get to know me.
The media are as follows:
  1. Oil on masonite (april 2006)
  2. Nupastel on coloured paper (Dec 2005)
  3. Coloured inks/watercolours on watercolour paper (April 2006)
All images copyright Kelsey Pettit. All rights reserved.